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Ruben-ownerAre you planning on taking that vacation you’ve always wanted? Are you looking for a RV rental service provider that can provide you with the vehicle that will make you feel like home? If this is indeed so, Paradise RV Trailer Park is here to make it happen. Situated in Kermit, TX, we are the company that offers the leading RV rentals in the area! Whether you wish to visit every landmark the state has to offer or you wish to travel from the East coast to the West, we will help you out!

Paradise RV Trailer Park is more than just a company you can rent a wonderful RV from. Here in Kermit, TX, we can offer you RV space for your needs – if you’re already passing through and you need a campground for your RV, we will be delighted to provide you with a spot. You will be able to hook your mobile home up to one of our access points for your utility needs. Let us make things comfortable for you!

ADDRESS: 1783 N EAST AVE KERMIT, TX 79745-3617
PHONE: (432) 848-3346

In addition to making sure you have the RV trailer you need, we will provide you with a place to park. As a company that offers superior RV park services, we always make sure that the requirements of our clients are always met and their expectations exceeded.

A Step From Heaven

To us, practical comfort and customer satisfaction have always been our number one priorities. Taking a train, bus or an airplane cannot even begin to compare with the ease and comfort you will get with an RV; plus, you get to enjoy your journey a lot more, and if you’re tired, you always have a bedroom you can rest in! Are you interested in finding out more about our RV services? If you are, simply give us a call right away, and we will be delighted to assist you!


    • RV Rentals
    • RV Park and Space
    • Variety of Quality Vehicles
    • Friendly Service and Affordable Rates
    • and much more!

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by Josh M. on
Great RV Space

I'm very happy from the RV space that I used, very reposnible and trustworthy. Thank you!

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Paradise RV Trailer Park
Address: 1783 N East Ave Kermit, TX 79745-3617
Phone: (432) 848-3346

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