Paradise RV Trailer Park Rules

1. We are pet friendly and do allow pets but they must be pre approved, not become a nuisance
or threat & remain on a run line or leash when not personally attended by their owner.
2. No trees cutting. No bond fires. Cooking fires in contained cooking units or grills is permitted
in accordance with Fire Code and Burn Ban.
3. No firearms may be openly displayed in the park.
4. No hunting, trapping, skeet shooting, or discharge of firearms or weapons of any type for any
reason. No loaded guns are allowed in the Park.
5. No noise which may negatively impact or affect another camper. Quiet hours from 9:00 pm
to 7:00 am. Intrusive lighting is prohibited. Interference with or harassment of other Tenants,
Guests, Visitors or the Landlord, disturbances of the peace and quiet, or willful or careless
destruction of or injury to property in the RV Park is prohibited. Conduct which threatens,
harasses or intimidates others is prohibited.
6. All connections to sewer & water must be tight and not leak or drip. All connections to sewer,
electric and water must be in like new condition.
7. One person (or single family unit) per RV Space, unless otherwise arranged.
8. Empty trash daily. Police: beer caps, bottles, cigarette butts.
9. No extension cords or auxiliary appliances (except to washer and dryer) specifically No
auxiliary A.C. units.
10.No overnight guests are allowed. Dinner guests and visitors will park in guest parking area
11. RV Sites, RV Lots & RV Spaces are for residential use only. Soliciting and signs of any type
are not permitted.
12.No Trespassing on or through other rental lots or the unoccupied property which is part of the
RV Park.
13. Speed limit is 10 mph cruising, reckless or unsafe driving is prohibited.
14.Alcoholic Beverages are permitted in the RV Park, if used responsibly. Landlord reserves the
right to prohibit or restrict alcoholic beverages in the common areas.
15. These and all rules are for the mutual benefit of the RV park and all of our campers. We
believe we have a beautiful clean and tidy country setting which we wish to maintain for all
the RV sites, RV lots and RV spaces.
16. While this is your home please help us maintain it as such.
18. You have the right to report any unusual/suspicious activities or any disturbances. Call
Management @ 432-208-8602.


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